Lara learned her craft from working in the field, always driven by an artistic passion and a strong desire to tell a story. After graduating from George Brown Theatre School and working as an actor, Lara merged into production. Starting in entry-level roles, she worked in various departments until she found what she was looking for: costume, wardrobe, fashion! Lara worked as a Wardrobe Assistant for a number of years in commercials, docu-dramas and TV Series. She is a costume Permitee for both IATSE and NABET. She now focuses most of her time styling for commercials, but feeds her soul on independent projects. These projects give Lara the creative control to express herself through costuming and fashion. Lara learned early, as an actor, that small details are vital in costuming for the actors and the believability of a story. Every project teaches her something new about her craft and about herself. Lara is honoured to be actively exploring and growing in the world of Styling and Costuming.